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Are you an individual that intends to migrate to Zambia for any reason – work, business, study or just visiting Zambia for any reason? Zedvisa Immigration Services is best placed to service the immigration needs of individuals coming to Zambia for various reasons which may include; visiting, doing business and working in Zambia for any period up to 24 months and beyond. Individuals coming to Zambia may come as visitors or business visitors or coming to work on short term projects for a period or periods above 30 days and up to 2 years and beyond. Others will come as investors wishing to establish businesses and stay in Zambia for a longer time.

Zedvisa Immigration Services has experience and the capacity to handle any kind of need by individuals wishing to come to Zambia or are already in Zambia. We provide world-class service experience to our customers and give them peace of mind while the Department of Immigration processes the documents till disposal.

Why Us

  1. More efficient turn-around on Permit/Visa applications: Zedvisa Immigration Services is a reputable and registered immigration agency that has 15 years experience in immigration related work in Zambia. We promise to process and submit your application to the Department of Immigration within 2 days of complete document delivery to us. During the time your application is with Immigration Department, we continue to follow-up on your application giving timely updates and feedback on the status of your application/s. The Department of Immigration often clears clears applications between 7 to 30 days.
  2. Free online consultancy services: We provide you with free and full information about your immigration needs and guide you to make the right choices.
  3. Dedicated and timely feedback: You will receive timely feedback about any one specific application regardless of the number of applications you have submitted to us.
  4. Reliability: Zedvisa Immigration Services has worked and is working with numerous corporate clients and individuals across various economic sectors. We have always delivered impeccable results in relation to time and feedback. The understanding of the importance of time is a critical driver to our operations and feedback to allow a client make timely decisions about their needs whether short or long term. We are always reachable by phone and respond to queries within hours and very often within minutes.
  5. Registered Immigration Consultancy Agency: We are registered by the Department of Immigration. This means we meet all the requirements and standards to operate as an immigration consultancy agency. We are also an active affiliate/member of the professional body (APIC) for the registered immigration consultants in Zambia.

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