Terms & Conditions

  1. The client of Zed Visa Immigration Services Limited shall pay the full amount as quoted herein before any work is done in their respect.
  2. The client shall make all application documents available to Zed Visa Immigration Services Limited and make full payment at least 30 days before their free days expire.
  3. Where the free legal days expire as a result of submitting the application less than 30 days before the expiry of free legal stay, it shall never be the responsibility of Zed Visa Immigration Services Limited to resolve the problem of overstaying.
  4. For any application for an Employment Permit, Zambian Immigration Law demands that applicant stays out of Zambia till their application is approved or otherwise. By remitting payment as quoted on this invoice(or as the case may be – quotation, estimate or receipt) to Zed Visa Immigration Services Limited, client expressly commits to obey the Zambian Immigration Laws in entirety.
  5. The Immigration Department reserves the right to approve or disapprove/reject any application.
  6. Zed Visa Immigration Services Limited gives no guarantees whatsoever that any application will be approved.
  7. Consultancy Services mean ANY advice rendered by Zed Visa Immigration Services Limited.
  8. We shall never refund any payment whatsoever made in relation to consultancy services for whatever reason and under any circumstances except as may have been agreed with client prior to any specific project.
  9. Client will make own arrangements to collect permits from respective Immigration offices.
  10. The total amount herein quoted ONLY covers the items herein listed – for extra items the client shall make separate arrangements with the Zed Visa Immigration Services Limited.
  11. For appeals, in case of rejection, client accepts to pay extra service fees.
  12. This invoice, quotation or receipt is a contract between the parties for the work/s herein outlined. By proceeding further in requesting for advice, information or an action t be taken after the issuance of this document client consents to abide by the terms herein and should they decide to pull out thereafter being advised further, they shall be liable to pay a full consultancy fee as here quoted!
  13. Consultancy shall be merely any advice given by Zed Visa Immigration Services past issuance of this quotation or invoice.

These terms and conditions are subject to change Without Prior Notice
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Dispute Clause

Any dispute arising from the interpretation or application of any of the terms outlined herein shall be resolved amicably by the parties within a period of 14 days failure to which the matter my proceed to
arbitration based on the Zambian law.